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Monday, July 23rd 2012

10:33 AM

11yr preteen model


Related article: Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 13:16:15 +1000
From: Iain Robertson
Subject: Dave - chapter 6Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't
have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If
homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not
continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but
you proceed at your own risk.This is preteen nudes top a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the
usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be
undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is
your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may
inspire new work, please feel free to contact me - all emails will be
answered to the best of my ability. Iainlthrhotmail.com.
Dave Iainlthrhotmail.comChapter Six - How Did This Happen?
I looked up at him, and my brain raced. How did this happen? Why was he
here? What do I say to him?"Hello, Mike," Dave said quietly, uncertainly. "It's good to see you
again." As he did, he handed me the rose."Uh, hi. Thank you ." I murmured softly."Do preteen nymph messageboard you mind if I sit down?""Yes. I 10 year preteenz mean, no, please, sit," I stuttered, trying desperately to come incest preteen girls to
terms with his sudden and unexpected appearance."How . ?" I asked as he slid into the seat next to me, the question hanging
in the air."A friend of yours - Neil - reached me through the company I work for. He
rang me and told me that you really needed to see me. When I told him that
you had never wanted to see me again, he said that you had changed your
mind. He said to meet you here tonight."So that was why Neil had asked all those questions."But, did you come up from Melbourne especially?""Melbourne? No, that job finished earlier than expected. I moved back to
Sydney about 2 months ago. I really wanted to call you, but I kept
remembering how you left, and how you refused to take my calls, and I
couldn't put myself through that again."I sat for a moment in silence, just looking at him. God, he was
beautiful. I loved the way his hair hung to one side over his forehead, and
I loved the curl of his lips when he smiled. I remembered the definition
of his chest, which filled out the shirt he was wearing so well, and my
imagination brought to life the rest of his body for me."Dave," I said, quietly, looking down at the table in front of me. "I'm
sorry for what I said, and I'm sorry for not keeping in touch.""It's okay," he answered, but I cut him off again."No, it's not. You deserved more than that. I was just so jealous of the
other guys, the one who lived in your building and who wanted you, and the
one who left the note for you that day. And I was angry too, angry with
myself I guess. I wanted you, wanted to have you all to myself, but we were
going to be so far apart, and I didn't have the courage to tell you how
much you really meant to me, so I had no right to expect you to be
faithful."Dave sat there in silence. I looked up, and his eyes were boring into mine."But in spite little preteenguestbookforumlinks of all of that, I just couldn't take the thought of being
here while you were there, always wondering who you were with, what you
were doing. I needed to try to make a clean break." I gave him an imploring
look, begging him to understand."Mike," he began, slowly, choosing his words. "After you left, and we
argued on the phone, I felt so guilty, and yet I couldn't understand why
you were so upset. We hadn't promised each little preteenguestbookforumlinks
other anything .""I know," I broke in, "and that was why I was so angry with myself. I felt
that we had a relationship, but I hadn't put it in words. And I just
expected you to feel the same way when you obviously didn't.""I did think we had something special," he said. "I hoped it would grow
into something more, but I wasn't ready to tie myself down, at least not
then.""Are you ready now, then?" I asked, and then wished I hadn't. Before he
could reply, I held up my hand. "No, don't answer that. I have no right to
ask."I held his gaze for a long moment, felt all the pent-up emotion of the last
year pushing at me, confusing my thoughts. "Dave, I missed you, badly. That
`clean break' I wanted didn't work. I've thought about you every day since
then. I've been miserable without you in my life, even though it was me who
caused that to happen.""I've missed you too. You don't know how many times I went to call you, but
I just kept remembering the messages I left on your machine, and the
waiting for you to call back which never happened." His face showed the
hurt I had caused him."So did you end up back with Geoff?" I asked, unsure if I wanted to hear
the answer."No," he smiled at last. "But I did meet someone else. He was a lot like
you actually."My heart sank, I had left it too late again. Dave took my hand in his and
went to speak again, but was interrupted by the waiter walking quickly up
to our table and excusing himself."Err, Mr Mitchell?" he asked, looking from me to Dave and back again."Yes, that's me," said Dave, looking up at him, annoyed preteen dvd sex
by the poor timing."There's an urgent call for you, sir. Would you like to follow me?"Dave looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "I won't be a second,' he
said as he hurried after the waiter. I sat and watched as he spoke quickly
into the phone, asking some questions, writing something on a pad. The
whole time I felt a familiar sinking swimsuit nn preteens
feeling in my stomach.Dave raced back to me. "Mike, I'm really sorry, but I have to go .""What's the matter?" I asked, concerned."It's, uh, hard to explain right now, but I have to rush off. It's a, umm,
friend, from, err, Melbourne, who's in some thin young preteen trouble. I'm sorry, I'll call
you later, okay?" and he disappeared into the night. I sat there in
shock. He had gone, and all I knew was that he was back in Sydney. I had no
phone number, no address for him. The waiter came up to the table again."Can I get you anything, sir?' he asked.In a breaking voice, I choked out, "No, thanks, I'll be going now, too."
Trying desperately to keep euro petite preteenies my emotions under control, I dropped some money
on the table for the meal we hadn't had, and almost ran to the door.By the time I got home, I was angry. Angry with him this time. How could he
do this, just show up again and then dump me in the middle of dinner with
no preteen nude galley explanation. I told myself I was better off without him, that I should
have grown up and gotten over him a long time ago. **************************The following day, Sunday, my phone rang early. Dave's voice speared into
my brain as I answered."Mike, I'm so sorry about last night, I .""Don't bother explaining!" I said icily. "There's no need. I would hate to
keep you from your `friend' movies preteens from Melbourne!" I slammed down the phone
again.Almost instantly, it rang once more. I let it ring for a minute, wondering
if I should turn on my machine, but I decided I wasn't going through all of
that again. I grabbed the receiver from the cradle, and almost yelled into
the mouthpiece."Listen, arsehole, I'm not interested, okay? And I'm not going to put up
with the calls and messages again! So don't bother, just leave me alone!"On the other end of the line photo little preteen a shocked and bemused Neil said softly, "And a
good morning to you, too!""Oh shit, Neil, sorry," I said, grimacing."I take it the date didn't go as well as hoped?" Neil said quietly."Hardly!" I spat. petite preteen pornography "I don't know why he even bothered to show up, since he
raced off to his boyfriend in the middle of a sentence.""But he doesn't have a boyfriend!" Neil sounded surprised and concerned. "I
asked him that before I arranged for you two to meet again.""Are you sure?""Of course I'm sure. I spoke to him at length. Mike, he's been just as
depressed as you, he was desperate to see you again, but he didn't think
you'd meet him. That's why I told you it was me you were meeting last
night!""Oh, shit! Well, something happened. Do you have his phone number?""Only a work number. I don't know where he lives," said Neil, getting
upset."Fuck! Okay, give me his number at work, and I'll call him tomorrow. I have
a feeling I might have stuffed up badly. I hope he'll let me talk, after I
wouldn't let him explain," I said, feeling even worse now than I had
before.I sat and pondered on what had happened all morning. Why had he rushed off?
Did he really want to see me again? Would he let me apologise tomorrow? I
felt sick to my stomach with all the unanswered questions in my head, and
no-one to tell me everything would be alright.Around 2.30 that afternoon, my doorbell rang. Rang and rang and rang, like
someone was leaning on it. I hit the intercom button, annoyed, and demanded
to know who was there. No answer, but still the ringing went on. Really
irritated now, I hurried downstairs to the front door. A piece of cardboard
had been folded up and stuck into the mechanism to keep my bell ringing,
and that same piece of card was attached with a string to a huge basket of
red roses. In the middle of the flowers was an envelope with my name
written on the outside. I looked around madly, but apart from a couple of
grinning pedestrians watching my antics there was no one to be seen.I gathered up the basket, and walked back to my flat. Inside, I quickly
tore open the envelope, and removed a hand-written page. After all this
time, I still recognised Dave's writing."My dearest Mike. I am so very sorry for leaving so suddenly last night. I
can understand why you won't take my calls, but after last time, I am not
going to walk away without trying to explain. The `friend' from Melbourne
was Sarah, a woman I got to know and to become friends with. She had been
badly injured in a car preteen bikini photography crash. The police had found my name and number in
her purse and called my home. My flatmate - and she is just that, a
flatmate, told them where I was, and they called the restaurant, asking me
to go to the hospital urgently. Sarah should be okay, but it was close
there for most of the night.As I was trying to tell you when we were interrupted, I did meet someone in
Melbourne. His name is Greg, and he reminded me a lot of you, which is
probably why I was attracted to him in the first place. We saw each other
for about 2 months, but split up, thin young preteen at my suggestion. His problem was that
he was a lot like you, but he wasn't you!I have been utterly miserable without you in my life for the last year, and
if there is any way you can forgive me, I really would like to try
again. My future is in your hands now.Dave.Under his name were written an address and a telephone number. I read and
re-read the note a dozen times, tears welling up in my eyes and cascading
down my cheeks. How could I have been so awful to him, the most wonderful
man in the world?Fearful, unsure of what top preteen sex I would say, but knowing I had to say something, I
dialled the number on his letter. A female voice answered, and I preteen nymph messageboard stopped
for a moment in surprise. But of tiny hot preteens course, his flatmate!"Uh, hello, is Dave Mitchell there please?" I croaked into the phone."No, sorry but he's out at the moment," she replied."Oh, uh, ." I didn't know what else to say, my mind went blank."Is that Mike?" asked the voice on the other end of the phone."Yes," I whispered."Dave said if you called, to ask you to call him on this number ." she
rattled off the digits as I scribbled them down furiously. "It's a
cafe, close to your place. And Mike?""Yeah?""He really wants to see you again!""Thanks, I'll call him straight away."Feeling more emboldened, I called the restaurant, and had them page him.
When he finally came on the line, my heart was racing. At the sound of his
nervous voice, I jammered out in a string of words,"Dave, it's me, I'm so sorry, I should have let you preteen butterfly
explain, I'm sorry, I
really want to see you again, please forgive me, I love the flowers, you
are so special ."He cut me off, photo little preteen
and I could hear the relief and the joy in his voice. "Mike,
Mike, it's me who should be apologising. I should have taken a few minutes
last night to tell you what was happening. It was just such a shock, I
didn't think.""You're close by?" I asked, although I knew the answer. "How fast can you
get here?"He laughed. "I can be there before you hang up the phone!""Then do it!"I almost dropped the phone in my rush to get downstairs. As I flung open
the door of my building, Dave was running along the street from the
cafe. Rushing to meet him, I flung my arms around him and kissed him,
long and hard. He was kissing me back and holding me so tightly I thought
he would crush me. We broke apart again, crying tears of joy, and blushing
at the open stares of the people on the street. Hand in hand we walked a
little more slowly euro petite preteenies back up to my flat.Without a word, 10 year preteenz he pushed the door closed behind us and grabbed me again,
kissing me passionately, his arms around me and his hands travelling up and
down my back. I preteen c p ground my pelvis against his and our bulging, thickening
cocks pushed at each other through the clothes we wore.I tingled with his every touch, and his hold awakened desires that had been
dormant for a long time, too long. Still locked to his lips, tasting his
manly flavour, I struggled with the buttons of his jeans, finally getting
them open and pushing his pants and jocks down so they fell to preteen schoolgirls movies his knees as
my hand gripped at his rampant swollen cock and cupped his large rolling
balls. His hands were on my skin, holding my waist, and he preteen hairles mounds lifted his arms
up, removing my T-shirt as he did, then dropped them again pushing my
shorts and underpants from me in a single fluid movement so that my swollen
rod slapped upwards as it was released, spraying droplets of pre-cum over
his groin and the front of his shirt. I stepped from the bundle of clothes
at my feet and my fingers began to fight with his shirt, trying in vain to
unbutton it. Without letting his lips leave mine, he grabbed either side
of the garment and ripped it open, sending buttons flying in all directions
and exposing his magnificent torso as he dropped the flimsy cotton to the
floor.We stood there, naked and excited, rubbing hard against each other, chest
to chest, stomach to stomach, cock to cock as our tongues wrestled for
space in both mouths. Eventually our kiss was broken, but only so that
Dave's mouth could travel across my neck and slowly down my chest. I flung
my head back and moaned as I dug my fingers into the firm flesh of his butt
cheeks and pressed my dick harder against the swollen turgid flesh of his
rod. Both of us were leaking copious amounts of pre-cum which was mashed
and slavered all over our prongs as we fought with each other, each trying
to devour the other. He pushed me back slowly until I came models preteen free up against the
solidity of the sofa backrest, immovable against my arse cheeks.We stopped for a moment then, halted by the reality of the furniture in our
way. I opened my eyes to find Dave staring hard at me, a burning need of
passionate lust on his face. That need was matched by my own. Lifting on my
toes, I allowed my weight to settle on the upright backing of the lounge,
and lifted my legs around him gripping his waist with my knees as his hands
held me steady and pulled me harder against him. Once more, his mouth
returned to my body, biting and licking at my nipples, kissing and pulling
the hard brown nubs of skin as he attacked me and elicited groans of
intense pleasure from my throat.I reached down to him and felt the slickness of his cock already moist from
our outpourings. I ran my finger along the underside of his shaft, milking
more of his pre-cum from him and scooping it from his slit, up and over the
head of his cock. Repeating the procedure with sexy japanese preteens my own prick, I soon managed
to coat his throbbing pole with a combination of our seminal juice, leaving
it slippery and oozing. Sensing my need was as great as his, Dave hawked a
mouthful of saliva onto his hand and brought it down to his cock, mixing it
with the existing slime and creating a natural lubricant from our body
fluids.Backing his hips away for a second, he manoeuvered himself around until,
with a little help from me, the flared head of his cock was pressing
against the puckering muscle of my ring. He looked again into my eyes,
seeking confirmation that I was okay with this, and I smiled a grin full of
lusty need and nodded. As he pushed forward I relaxed myself and pushed
back at him, feeling the knob of his prick open me. The lubrication we had
made was thin, but it was enough. I grunted slightly at the preteen erotic video
initial pain of
his penetration, but it was soon replaced by the delight of having him
inside me as my sphincter gripped tightly at the rounded cockhead piercing
my entrance.Dave entered me then, not in a single long stroke, but by pulling back and
pushing in again, so that his cock slid a little deeper into me with each
thrust forward. Quickly, his pelvis was hard against my cheeks, the full
length of his glorious prod sunk deep inside my bowel. With my arms around
his shoulders and my legs around his waist, I didn't let him rest. I needed
him so much, and I held him tightly, drawing him into me, urging him to
fuck me hard and fast.He needed no encouragement, driving himself into me as his mouth returned
to my chest. His hips thrust forward and his long fleshy sword stabbed into
my gut, filling me and probing me, sending shivers of delight through my
frame. I gripped at his shaft with my anus, and kicked my heels into his
butt, driving him further and further into me as I groaned with pleasure
from preteen 13 bikini the attention lavished on my tits. My cock was massaged between our
bodies, my balls crushed in the confined space hard against his abdomen,
but I ached with joy at the thumping, pounding insertion of his steel hard
pole through my accommodating arse. We fucked. Hard and fast and
urgently. His cock fucked into my body, thumping up through my gut. My
arsehole fucked his rod, clenching and milking it, taking possession of his
masculinity and unwilling to let it go. We heaved and humped at each other,
rutting like there was no tomorrow, gasping and moaning as we joined in a
fierce, preteen bikini photography intense union of two bodies fusing into one being. And we petite preteen pornography drove
each other onwards and upwards as he stabbed himself into me and I impaled
myself onto his fleshy spike.I lost all track of time, and had no idea whether we rocked and clenched at
each other for a minute or an hour, but however long it was, it came to an
end all too soon. The incredible sensations of physical joining, combined
with the emotional damburst of being preteen nymph messageboard
re-united, lifted each of us to the
peak of passionate arousal, and pushed us over the abyss. Almost as one,
Dave and I began to gasp and cry out. Simultaneously, his cock swelled and
thudded deep into me as my hole tightened around him and my body twitched
with the spasms of climax. I felt the sudden and irresistible explosion
within my groin as my balls emptied their load through my shaft and a
geyser of hot creamy cum erupted over our bodies, and at the same moment I
felt him shuddering against me, within me, as he emptied his manseed far
inside my body, filling me with his essence as he rocked with the force of
orgasm.As the intensity of our peak slowly died away, we both let out a long sigh
of sated release in unison. Still perched preteen 13 bikini on the back of the sofa, I rolled
back and fell onto the lounge and Dave quickly joined me, lying on top of
me as we kissed again in that hazy afterglow which always follows truly
enjoyable sex."I missed you so much," I whispered to him when we broke our kiss, lying
there pressed together, the slimy residue of my ejaculation squelching
between us."You mean so much to me Mike," he said softly. "Do you think we can make
things work this time?""I hope so! I'm damn sure I'm going to try hard," I said sincerely."Me too.""Dave, . preteen 13 bikini
" my words were quiet but firm. "I need you to understand. I'm the
jealous, possessive type. I can't help it, it's just the way I am. If we
are going to build a relationship, .""And we are!" he enthused. I ignored him and carried on."If we are going to build a relationship, then you have to understand and
accept that it's just us. topless preteen model
No flings, photo little preteen no one-night stands, no quick sex on
the side. I won't see anyone else, and I won't let you see anyone else
either. Are you okay with that?"He grinned, but his reply was honest and serious. "I can't tell you I won't
notice good looking men," he said, "but I promise you that you are the one
and only man I want. No one else could possibly come close to making me
feel the way you do, and I ain't gonna do anything to risk losing you
again!"We spent the rest of the day just lying in each other's arms. It felt so
good to have him back, to be able to just touch him, to run my finger along
his jaw or around his cock any time I wanted. I knew we had a long way to
go, a lot to sort out yet, and that we couldn't dare just going on as
though the last year hadn't happened, but I was determined to make it work,
and we were making a good start.Later that night we made love again, but after the urgent explosion of the
afternoon, top preteen sex this was a slow, tender union. Dave lay me back gently on the
bed, kissing me all over my body and paying special attention to my
sensitive nipples which he knew drove me wild. He entered me slowly, so
that his cock was almost caressing my arse as it slid inside me, and he
rocked back and forth with me in a slow rhythm of delightful fucking that
lasted for hours. Each of us warned the other when we grew close to the
point of explosion so we could slow down and let the passion subside in
order to prolong our coupling. When we finally did reach orgasm, we did it
together. Holding each other tightly and twitching and shaking as one
through the bliss of climax, and drifting back to earth in each other's
arms, his cock still within me as we remained a single, joined being.The next morning, we woke again in each other's arms. I smiled at the
delight of being there with him, and couldn't stand the thought of dragging
myself into work and leaving his arms."I think I might have a day off," I mused quietly, almost to myself.Only just awake, Dave responded sleepily, "Sounds perfect to me. I might
have a `sickie' as well. And we swimsuit nn preteens
can stay here and nurse each other back to
health!"I grinned, and we made the necessary calls from bed, before rolling back
into each other's arms for more kissing, fondling and hugging.Around 1.30 that afternoon we were interrupted in yet another embrace by
the ringing of the telephone. I answered it to hear Neil's concerned voice
on the other end."Mike, are you alright? I incest preteen girls
rang you at work to find out if you'd tried to
get onto Dave, but they said you were sick. And then I thought I'd butt in
and call him, but he's away too!"I smiled at Dave who was listening in. "I'm fine," I said to Neil. "Just
perfect! And I can assure you Dave is feeling pretty good right now, and
he's not that far away."Neil laughed down the line. "You sly dog! So you managed to sort out the
problem?""Uh huh!""Then, when you two manage to find your way out into the light of day
again, I think it's about time we actually met this guy! Until then, have
fun, and don't do anything I can't imagine.""That leaves me pretty safe," I chuckled, and hung up as preteensex foto Dave's fingers
found my nipple and started pinching it, making me shiver and causing my
cock to swell again.
To be continued.
This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my
imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from
having unsafe sex. It is boy preteen fuck your right and your duty to make sure that condoms
are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how
good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top
or bottom, USE A CONDOM!
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